Gas Cooktop 24in Dual Burners Stainless steel

This gas cooktop is for bulit-in use only, please verify the gas cooktop is the right size for you. Product Dimensions: 22.99" W x 20.08" L x 3.93"H Cut out Dimensions: 21.73" Wx 18.5" L For a correct installation, the following precautions must be followed: a) Fixing fittings (brackets, screws) are provided to place the gas cooktop on work top, measure 0.79 to 1.58 inch in thickness b) In the event the gas cooktop is not installed on a built-in oven, a wooden panel must be inserted for insulation.This panel must be placed at least 0.79 inch distance from the bottom of cooktop. c) When installing the gas cooktop on a built-in oven, the oven should be placed on two wooden strips; in the case of a joining cabinet surface, remember to leave a space of 1.78 x 22 inch at least from the back side.
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