Hot and Cold Spray Machine Facial

Features: 1. Soften the dead cells of skin surface to make it easier to remove in the next skin care processes. 2. Open up the pores to clean deeply. 3. The vapor can permeate to the pores, softening the grease, blackheads, cosmetic residues and dirt, easy to remove. 4. The vapor can help eliminate toxins form pores, softening the wrinkles temporarily. 5. Accelerating blood circulation, moisturizing the cells, improving the metabolism and repairing of the cells. 6. The hot vapor permeates into skin, softening and enlarging cells to remove old cuticles. Makes skin soft and elastic. 7. Cold spray will not make skin loose, ultra-fine vapor can help skin absorption. It also can improve the ability of cold resistance. Long-time use can lighten your face and reduce pigment. Specifications: Item Type: Hot and Cold Spray Machine Material: Plastic, Iron Quantity: 1pc Plug: US Voltage: 110-120V Rated Power: 800W Thermal Spray Volume: 680ml Thermal Spray Time: 30min Safe Volume of Cold Water Tank: 600ml Water Rate: 0-400ml Package Size: Approx.74 x 42 x 24cm / 29.1 x 16.5 x 9.4inch Package Weight: Approx.6095g Package Included: 1 x Hot and Cold Spray Machine 1 x Manual
Old price: $349.99