Kichae Workstation Undermount Kitchen Sink 33*19*9 in

Kichae Workstation Undermount Kitchen Sink Product Description: For those who enjoy cooking like a professional chef, this premium quality workstation sink is the perfect choice. Generously sized with an extra-large bowl area, it accommodates any food preparation or cleanup tasks in your kitchen. Its integrated ledge system allows you to slide accessories across, transforming it into a full-service prep station. The smart design maximizes counter space, enabling you to work right over the sink. Handcrafted from heavy 16-gauge T304 stainless steel and sound-insulated with noise-absorbing pads and under-spray, this sink is built to last. Equipped with a premium chef's kit including a roll-up dish drying rack, colander and cutting board, this undermount sink takes your kitchen's functionality to a whole new level. Features Dent-resistant 16 gauge T304 stainless steel construction Multi-functional design, combining preparation, washing, and waste management for efficient, organized kitchen tasks Patented X groove for fast water drainage Exclusive noise-defending sound dampening Modern zero radius right-angle design Bottom rinse grid protects sink surface
Old price: $324.99