whall Toaster Oven Air Fryer, Max XL Large 30-Quart Smart Oven,11-in-1 Countertop with Steam Function,12-inch Pizza

【11 COOKING PRESET&SPECIAL FUNCTIONS】The WHALL convection oven is programmed with 11 preset cooking options, including fries, meat, chicken, bread, fish, pizza, reheat, and more. This smart oven air fryer is equipped with convection, air fryer, and steam functions, all displayed on a clear LED screen for safe and easy cooking.The powerful steam function enhances food tenderness, offering 3 levels to accommodate different tastes. 【LARGE CAPACITY OVEN】: The Toaster Oven Air Fryer is suitable for baking a 12-inch pizza, a 7lb chicken, or 6 slices of toast. Its dimensions are 20.07 x 16.06 x 11.4 inches, providing sufficient cooking space for various dishes. The convection toaster oven features a double-thickened glass door, providing insulation, warmth retention, safety, and scald prevention. It enables the effortless preparation of delicious meals for families. 【SURROUND CONVECTION DESIGN】: The countertop air fryer ovens utilize a wrap-around convection design, delivering a higher volume of hot air for rapid and even heat distribution. This convection oven enhances heat penetration into the food, grilling it from various angles, resulting in a more delicious taste. Its convenience makes it easy to use. 【SMART AND INTUITIVE】: The countertop air fryer oven incorporates a smart digital thermometer, simplifying the cooking process by enabling the user to specify the desired internal temperature for doneness. This intuitive feature ensures continuous monitoring of the food's internal temperature, automatically concluding the cooking cycle upon reaching the preset temperature. During cooking, the interior oven light illuminates the inside, enabling observation of the cooking process.
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